J. Gresham Machen on the “Child Labor Amendment” (1925)

Posted below is a sample of Dr. J. Gresham Machen’s political thought.  He has often been labeled as akin to a modern-day libertarian, though certainly there were distinctions and differences to be noted.  But for the point Machen is making here, we might reference a contemporary comment by Judith Sealander, in The Failed Century of the Child (Cambridge, 2003), page 153: “But opponents were right; the proposal was the creation of reformers who wanted a more powerful federal government.”

The So-Called Child Labor Amendment

By Professor J. Gresham Machen, D.D.

The December number of Moral Welfare, the official publication of our Presbyterian Department of Temperance and Moral Welfare, is largely devoted to advocacy of the proposed Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which is now being considered by the state legislatures. We protest against this use of the name and resources of our church for two reasons. Continue reading “J. Gresham Machen on the “Child Labor Amendment” (1925)”