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Compromising the Authority of the Bible, by R. B. Kuiper (1935)

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K. B. KUIPER, M.A., B.D.

[An address delivered at the Ninth Annual Convention of the League at Boston, Massachusetts, late in 1934.]
(and as published in The Evangelical Student, January 1935)

            Few men who lay claim to Christianity deny outright the authority of the Bible. Even the so-called advanced modernist hardly does that.

            Eventually the logic of the modernist’s position must drive him to the rejection of all external authority. Present-day liberalism is deeply indebted to Hegel. It is hardly an exaggeration to call him its philosophical father. But Hegelianism is thoroughly pantheistic. Did not Hegel style the human will a Wirkungsform of the divine will and boldly declare, “What I do, God does”? Modernism too is pantheistic. It reduces the difference between Christ’s Divinity and man’s to one of degree only. It gloats over the divinity of man. Recently a liberal minister preached on The Other Me, who turned out to be none other than God. But, obviously, thoroughgoing pantheism leaves no room for external authority. If I am God, I will majestically decline to take orders from another. If I am God, I am my own authority.

            If, on the other hand, I am merely a finite human being, it behooves me to give heed to the voice of the Infinite. And if I am not merely finite but also sinful, so sinful in fact, that I cannot possibly save myself from sin and its consequences, it emphatically behooves me to obey the orders which God gives me in the Bible for my salvation.

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Machen Trivia, & An Announcement

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Now available online:

The other day I posted this question on some of the Presbyterian discussion Lists:

Machen Trivia:  Name at least five organizations that Machen helped to found, four of which continue to this day.

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The Church’s Call

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Yet another article from THE EVANGELICAL STUDENT. Watch for more news about recent work with this publication.

by J.G. Vos
The Evangelical Student 1.2 (October 1926): 6-7.]

ERROR is always with us. It assumes many forms and makes various appeals. The systems of falsehood are almost without number. There are errors as old as the ages, and there are errors of recent origin. Errors appear, disappear, and reappear, while the truth of God abides continually. So sporadic, indeed, have been the errors, and so constant is the truth, that some have concluded that all error, because it is error, is about to die; and that all truth, because it is truth, is sure to survive.

This conclusion is certainly fallacious. It is true that error often dies, and that the truth usually survives; but the error does not die because it is error, nor the truth survive because it is truth. If error dies, it is because the Holy Spirit has used means to cut it off. If the truth survives, it is because the Holy Spirit has used means to ensure its survival. Read the rest of this entry »

Certain Things Essential

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by Professor O. T. Allis, Ph.D.

[The Evangelical Student 1.2 (October 1926): 3-6]

THERE are certain things essential to the truly scriptural study of the Bible which need to be emphasized today in view of the insistent claims which are so often made by the advocates of the so-called “modern” or “critical” method of Bible study.

The first of these is the unity and harmony of the Bible. This characteristic has impressed believing scholars in all ages as a signal proof of its divine origin. The fact that so many different writers, so widely separated in time, wrote a collection of many books which are in the truest sense one book, the Bible, is a strong evidence of its unique inspiration. Read the rest of this entry »

The King Does Not Retreat

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Recently I’ve been working with our collection of an old periodical titled  THE EVANGELICAL STUDENT.  More about that periodical next week. But for now, here is a sample article from that little journal.

by John B. Champion
The Evangelical Student 5.2 (January 1931): 21-23.] 

To his professor a student once said: “I am troub1ed about the perseverance of the saints.” The teacher replied: “It is the perseverance of sinners that bothers me.” I do not purpose to discuss now whether the saints can be lost after being saved. This article will deal with Christian perseverance in “fighting the good fight of faith”. The faithful warrior sees the battle all the way through, endures unto the end, is saved, and saves the day.

About thirty years ago I found myself facing in a new way the struggle with modern unbelief. To calmer skies and more peaceful fields I resolved to remove. An old soldier, now in glory, said to me, “Don’t run away from this fight; victory is on the other side of the battlefield.” His words changed the whole course of my life. For them I shall ever be grateful to God and to him. They are here passed on as “the word in season to him that is weary”. Read the rest of this entry »