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Machen Trivia, & An Announcement

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Now available online:

The other day I posted this question on some of the Presbyterian discussion Lists:

Machen Trivia:  Name at least five organizations that Machen helped to found, four of which continue to this day.

Not to leave you in suspense, here are the answers, in reverse order: Read the rest of this entry »


The Modernist Controversy through a Journalist’s Eyes, Part VIII (1933)

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Part VIII.

It is profitless to thresh over the old straw of the Presbyterian controversy. The field is gleaned and the grain garnered. But Princeton Theological Seminary looms so large in Presbyterian history and Dr. Craig came so close to prevailing upon the Presbyterian Church to continue the maintenance of Princeton in its former glory, that considered simply as a feat in journalism the achievement deserves a thorough-going examination. Read the rest of this entry »

“The Spirit of Error”, by J.G. Vos (1926)

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by J. G. Vos
The Evangelical Student, 1.2 (October 1926): 7-8.

ERROR is always with us. It assumes many forms and makes various appeals.  The systems of falsehood are almost without number.  There are errors as old as the ages, and there are errors of recent origin.  Errors appear, disappear, and reappear, while the truth of God abides continually. Read the rest of this entry »

The Scriptural Method of Bible Study, by O.T. Allis (1926)

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Issued Quarterly by The League of Evangelical Students, Princeton New Jersey
Vol. I, No. 1, October 1926

THERE are certain things essential to the truly scriptural study of the Bible which need to be emphasized today in view of the insistent claims which are so often made by the advocates of the so-called “modern” or “critical” method of Bible study. Read the rest of this entry »