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Calvin Medals at the PCA Historical Center

In Calvin Medals, Uncategorized on 14/06/2009 at 22:45

Each year during our General Assembly, the PCA Historical Center has an exhibit that focuses on some aspect of our work and the collections housed at the Center.  This year’s exhibit, in honor of the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth [10 July 1509], our GA exhibit consists of a modest collection of Calvin medals.  These commemorative medals have been issued through the years in countries around the world, and understandably, there have been a number issued just this year.

For a self-guided tour of our collection, see the index page at

This was sort of a last minute thought, to post this material online, so for now you will have to click on each item link to open up a pdf file containing a picture of the medal with its description.  Hopefully later this summer I might re-work it into a nicer presentation.  The descriptions of the medals is courtesy of Darrin Brooker and Robert King, drawn from their amazing catalog of Calvin medals.  To view that catalog, see