President Edwards, a Presbyterian.

The following brief account concerns the small controversy over the ecclesiastical views of Jonathan Edwards. There is a separate account, to the same conclusion, originally told by Dr. Archibald Alexander and then related by the Rev. R. J. Breckinridge on the pages of the Philadelphia magazine, The Presbyterian. [perhaps I can retrieve that article soon]. … Continue reading President Edwards, a Presbyterian.

Lessons of the Past

Who Were the Old School Presbyterians? By Rev. Charles E. Edwards, D.D. [The Presbyterian 99.44 (31 October 1929): 6-8.] IF America forgets the lessons of history, especially church history, she will cease to be the America that we love. The Presbyterian family of denominations have made great contributions to the kingdom of God for centuries. … Continue reading Lessons of the Past

The Fountainhead of Presuppositionalism

The following extended review by Dr. J. Oliver Buswell continues our current series on presuppositionalism. In this article, Buswell reviews Cornelius Van Til’s then recent book COMMON GRACE. For convenience, here again is the full listing of articles in this series: Series Articles : 1. Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr., “The Arguments from Nature to God: Presuppositionalism … Continue reading The Fountainhead of Presuppositionalism