Minutes and Papers of the Assembly – A Closer Look

Yesterday we received our set of The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly, 1643-1652. Time does not permit a close inspection just now, but I will provide readers a closer look at the contents of these five volumes, with a transcription of the table of contents, below the photograph. 

VOLUME I : Introduction — [xxiv, [4], 279 p.]
List of Plates [collected between pages 36 and 37]
• Westminster Abbey Library, looking south
• Jerusalem Chamber, looking south
• Jericho Parlour, looking west
• Attendance list (Dr. Williams’s Library MS 38.1, fo. 150r)
• Opening page of Session 45 (Dr. Williams’s Library MS 38.1, fo. 2r)
• Shorthand minutes (Dr. Williams’s Library MS 38.2, fo. 100r)
• ‘Concerning burial of the Dead’ (HL/PO/JO/10/1/182, MP 13 Mar. 1644/5)
List of map and figures

List of tables
Map of English and Welsh counties.
1. Summoning of an assembly
2. The Reformation at Westminster
3. The Westminster assembly at work
4. The text of the minutes and papers
5. The reception of the Westminster assembly
Reader’s guide
Biographical dictionary
Register of citations
1.   Parliament’s summoning ordinance for the Westminster assembly
2.   Members of the Westminster assembly and Scottish commissioners
3.   Officers, scribes, and servants of the Westminster assembly
4.   Standing committees of the Westminster assembly
5.   Assembly routines
6.   The ‘Protest’ taken by assembly members, and parliament’s eight rules
7.   Rules for plenary sessions and assembly committees
8.   Voting practices
9.   Drafting assembly documents
10. Speakers called to order
11. Stipends paid to the Westminster assembly
12. Conjectural seating patterns in the Jerusalem Chamber
13. Leading assembly contributors
14. The nine queries
15. The examination of ministers
16. Note on the conjectural plan of the Jerusalem Chamber
17. Members of the Westminster assembly after the engagement, 1649-1653
Printed works of the Westminster assembly, 1643-1648
General bibliography

VOLUME II : Minutes, Sessions 45-119, 155-198 (1643-1644)  [687 p.]
The votes of the Westminster assembly, 1643-1644
The minutes of the Westminster assembly, Sessions 45-119, 155-198
Disbound paper

VOLUME III : Minutes, Sessions 199-603 (1644-1646) [791 p.]
Sessions 199-600
Parallel sessions 601-603

VOLUME IV : Minutes, Sessions 604-900 (1646-1652)  [897 p.]
Parallel sessions, 604-900
Sessions 901-1163 and 1 March 1649 to 25 March 1652
Disbound papers

VOLUME V : Assembly Papers, Supplementary Materials, and Indexes [472 p.]
Calendar of papers of the Westminster assembly [documents 1-141], p. 1-346
Plenary sessions of the Westminster assembly, p. 347-379
Scripture and Apocrypha Index, p. 380-403
Subject Index, p. 404-414
Place Index, p. 415-432
Person and Name Index, p. 433-472

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