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A Working Bibliography on In Thesi Deliverances

In Presbyterian Church in America on 27/06/2012 at 15:25

A Working Bibliography on In Thesi Deliverances

Following some recent discussion on this topic, I thought a bibliography might be helpful.

[The entries below with added comments were taken from David Coffin’s bibliography on ecclesiastical judicial procedures, in particular, the section, ‘On the Powers of the Assembly in Judicial Cases and the Doctrine of Stare Decisis’]

• Adger, John B., “Deliverances of Church Courts,” Southern Presbyterian Review, 31.3 (July 1880): 535-603.

• Chapell, Bryan, Note 1 of “PRJC Letter Regarding Women in Combat”. [accessed here, on 27 June 2012 : ]

• Cunningham, William, “Church Power,” being Chapter IX (pp. 235-256) in Discussions on Church Principles. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1863. Reprinted, Edmonton, AB: Still Waters Revival Books, 1991. See particularly pages 245-246.

• Gordon, E. C. (Edward Clifford, 1842-1922), “Laws and Deliverances In Thesi,” The Union Seminary Review, 31.2 (January 1920): 175-183. Read the rest of this entry »

Just in Time for GA : Index to PCA Minutes

In Presbyterian Church in America on 14/06/2012 at 08:49

A cumulative index to the PCA’s Minutes of General Assembly is now available, posted here.

The URL address, should you want to write it down, is

This index includes all years, 1973 – 2011, and is presented as a text-based PDF file, meaning that the type will remain sharp at any magnification.

Essentially, this index is a simple stringing together of all of the index sections from each volume of the Minutes.

Another index, fully broken out under each subject heading, is being prepared and hopefully will be made available later this year.

The PDF file is fully searchable.  To locate a subject, simply enter the search term in the Find box, located in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

And finally, there is no password required to access this index.

Can A Christian Student Rationally Reject Evolution? (1935)

In Evolution, Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, Modernism, Rationalism on 06/06/2012 at 11:26

The following address by Floyd Hamilton, delivered at a convention of evangelical students meeting in 1934, provides good evidence that the questions before us today are not new, nor are we without answers in our defense of the Christian faith. Rev. Hamilton graduated from Princeton Seminary in 1919 (Th.B.) and 1926 (Th.M.), was ordained by the Presbytery of Wooster (PCUSA) and served as a missionary to Korea, first under the auspices of the PCUSA’s Board of Foreign Missions, and then as a missionary with the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions. Hamilton was a founding member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, but transferred his credentials into the Presbyterian Church, U.S. (aka, Southern) in 1955 and served his last pastorate, 1964-1969, in a Reformed Presbyterian, General Synod church in Indianapolis. Rev. Hamilton’s son, David, is an honorably retired PCA pastor and foreign missionary, having served in Mexico and Ecuador.
Though perhaps dated in part, Rev. Hamilton’s address would at the very least stand in evidence of a thoughtful response for that era, still useful in many respects. Much, at least in principle, remains pertinent, particularly the opening two paragraphs.

[Photo source, The Independent Board Bulletin, III.4 (April 1937): 5.]


Floyd E. Hamilton, B.D., Th.M.

[An address (slightly abridged) delivered at the Ninth Annual Convention of the League of Evangelical Students in Boston, Massachusetts late in 1934, and subsequently published in The Evangelical Student, January 1935.]

The Christian student usually never makes any personal investigation of the evidence for evolution, but is simply over-awed by the sheer weight of scholarship on the side of evolution, and is paralyzed by the impressive array of materials in the museums of natural history, with their graphic groupings of the evolutionary sequence of different animals and men. The student reasons that since everybody believes in the fact of evolution, only an ignoramus can question it, and he doesn’t want to be classed among the ignoramuses.

A little thought about this matter however, would show him that questions of fact are not decided by majority vote, and that if a thing is false, all the professors in the world can’t make it true. Then, too, if he should study the history of science he would come across numberless theories formerly universally believed which are now universally discarded by scientists. When I studied physics and chemistry as recently as 1906 and 1907, all scientists believed that the atoms were indivisible and indestructible, but to-day that theory is as out-of-date as the idea that the earth is flat! Read the rest of this entry »

New Machen Book : Letters from the Front

In J. Gresham Machen on 04/06/2012 at 12:51

Just received today our copy for the PCA Historical Center’s research library. Dr. Barry Waugh has compiled, transcribed and edited for publication J. Gresham Machen’s correspondence from the first World War. On first glance, this looks like a great read. No hagiography here, this collection of Machen’s correspondence offers readers an opportunity to see a previously unseen side of the man, his true haracter and the reality of his ministry in the trenches. Dr. Waugh has previously written an interesting article on another aspect of Machen’s life and ministry, “Mr. Machen’s Protege”, which appeared in The Westminster Theological Journal, 71.1 (Spring 2009): 21-51.

Letters from the Front : J. Gresham Machen’s Correspondence from World War I. 
Transcribed and edited by Barry Waugh.
Philipsburg, NJ : P&R Publishing, 2012.  xxvi, 342 p.; 23 cm.
ISBN : 978-1-59638-479-8

Table of Contents :
Foreword by Peter A. Lillback
Preface by Barry Waugh
Conventions Use in the Letter Transcriptions
1.  “Over There” [January 22 to February 10, 1918]
2.  At Le Foyer du Soldat, St. Mard [February 14 to March 2, 1918]
3.  Adjusting to the War, the “Y”, and Monsieur Pia [March 7 to 18, 1918]
4.  A New Assignment at Missy-sur-Aisne [March 23 to April 7, 1918]
5.  A River of Hot Chocolate Flowing at Missy-sur-Aisne [April 12 to May 6, 1918]
6.  War Is Declared on the Rats [May 14 to 26, 1918]
7.  The Germans Are Coming—Sudden Evacuation from Missy-sur-Aisne [May 29 to June 13, 1918]
8.  A “Hut” in the American YMCA [June 20 to July 16, 1918]
9.  The “Y Man of Pexonne” [July 22 to September 7, 1918]
10. Continuing “Y” Service in Several Locations [September 14 to November 6, 1918]
11. The War Is Over! [November 14 to December 5, 1918]
12. The “Religious Work” [December 17, 1918 to January 5, 1919]
13. A Review of Past Locations and More “Y” Work [January 5 to February 7, 1919]
14. Going Home! [February 12 to March 2, 1919]
15. Letters Written in French Received by J. Gresham Machen [June 5, 1918 to January 13, 1919]
Some Closing Thoughts
Glossary of People, Plays, Literature, and Other
Words of Interest
Index of Subjects and Names