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New Content Online : The Concerned Presbyterian [1965-1976]

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Recently posted content at the web site of the PCA Historical Center includes PDF image scans of The Concerned Presbyterian, the bulletin issued by
Concerned Presbyterians, Inc., between 1965-1976.

There were four main organizations that were formative of the Presbyterian Church in America :
1. Concerned Presbyterians, a layman’s group led by ruling elders;
2. Presbyterian Churchmen United, an organization for pastors;
3. The Presbyterian Journal, a magazine begun in 1942; and
4. The Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, a ministry focused on revival.

The publications issued by the first two of these groups can now be accessed online at the PCA Historical Center’s web site.

The Concerned Presbyterian was the bulletin issued by Concerned Presbyterians, a layman’s renewal group led by ruling elders in the Presbyterian Church, U.S. (aka, Southern Presbyterian Church).
Kenneth S. Keyes, a Miami real estate developer, and W. Jack Williamson, a prominent Jackson, MS lawyer, were notable leaders of this group. Bulletin no. 1 was issued in March of 1965 and the final issue published by the group came out sometime in 1976.

Click on the cover image below to view and access issues of The Concerned Presbyterian.

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