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Machen Trivia, & An Announcement

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Now available online:

The other day I posted this question on some of the Presbyterian discussion Lists:

Machen Trivia:  Name at least five organizations that Machen helped to found, four of which continue to this day.

Not to leave you in suspense, here are the answers, in reverse order:

*8. 1936 – The Orthodox Presbyterian Church, nee Presbyterian Church _of_ America [The name change was forced by a PCUSA lawsuit, on contention that the PCofA name was on the table in UPCNA merger talks a few years prior]

7. 1935 – The Presbyterian Guardian [began as a publication of the PCCU and was never officially a denominational magazine of the OPC.

6. 1935 – The Presbyterian Constitutional Covenant Union [the PCCU led directly to the formation of the OPC]

*5. 1933 – The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions []

4. 1930 – Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing* [Machen provided some of the start-up capital; P&R’s first publication was Christianity Today (1930-1949)]

3. 1930 – The Presbyterian League of Faith [worked to reform the PCUSA from within; Machen helped to found it but was not as integrally involved with it]

*2. 1929 – Westminster Theological Seminary

and “firstly”,

1. 1925 – The League of Evangelical Students

The League was the first, nationwide evangelical student organization in the U.S. The League began at Princeton and at its peak had over 60 chapters in the US, with another 20 affiliate chapters in China. The work was finally dissolved and turned over to another organization as InterVarsity began to establish its work in the States around 1939 and following.

Which brings me to my announcement:

The League published a magazine titled The Evangelical Student. A recent patron request for access to that magazine has prompted the posting of that content to the PCA Historical Center’s web site.  The entire run, from 1926-1939 (save six issues that I am missing) has been posted in PDF format (digital image scans).

The home page, with links to each issue and an author-title index, is here:

So take a look. Bookmark the site. There are some great articles in those issues.

Additional trivia: John P. Clelland, the only pastor to have been a founding member of both the PCofA and the PCinA, was active in the leadership of the League.

And I would enjoy hearing from anyone who has copies of the issues that I am currently lacking, even if only to borrow said issues for scanning.

Meanwhile, posting of vol. 4 of Christianity Today (1933-34) is in process.
After that I’ll probably post the bulletins issued by The Concerned Presbyterian organization, 1965-1976. That group was instrumental in the formation of the PCA.

  1. Wow, thanks for your hard work with the “Evangelical Student”…I imagine it would be a treasure trove for me to dive into and learn something about campus ministry then…and lessons for today!

  2. Glad to be of service! It would make for a great study, wouldn’t it, comparing student ministry then and now?

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